What We Do

We provide Bay Area businesses with restaurant quality food for all of their in office needs and social events! Our services include: Staffed Buffet for Breakfast, Lunch and Dinner,  Boxed Lunches, Happy Hour and Cocktail Parties.

For our Daily Meal Program we write a new series of menus each week that are inspired by the season and the best of what’s available. Our menus reflect the fresh and bright flavors indicative of our local bounty… That said… we also love to play with a multitude of ethnic and regional cuisines. From time to time we bring in guest chefs to write special menus and encourage the talented members of our culinary team to participate in our menu writing sessions, this ensures we always have a ton of variety and options within our menus! Each of our menus also takes into account the full range of dietary needs; we offer: vegan, gluten free, dairy free, and paleo options to name a few.

For Social Event Catering we have crafted a series of platters and hors d’ouevres for each season that are perfect for all of your office gatherings. We also offer simple staffing, rental and bar service.

Look to 415 Catering the next time you are planning your corporate lunch catering, or any simpler office food catering. If you are interested in a long term commitment we offer recurring lunch catering for your office as well. 415 is now serving the San Francisco, Mountain View, and Menlo Park area. Call us today!



Each week we offer brand new menus, while incorporating some old favorites as well. Each month we have a “POP UP SERIES” week where our chefs get to be even more creative with their menus, taking inspiration from their travels, past restaurants, local vendors, and the vibrant food culture in the City.

Take a look at our most recent menu items!

Who We Are

At 415 Catering, our chefs come from some of the best restaurants in SF and beyond: Michael Mina, Delfina, Bix, Nojo, Salt House, Absinthe, Acquerello, DelPosto, Starbelly. With our team, we have created a chef driven, food centric company that focuses specifically on restaurant quality catering for your office and social events! We provide daily meals and social event catering for some really amazing companies and businesses in San Francisco, all over the Peninsula, and the South Bay. With both our food and our service, we seek to far exceed & redefine clients’ expectations of what office catering can be!


Founder: Tommy Halvorson

After retiring from a short career in competitive freeskiing, Tommy moved to San Francisco in 2004 to finish his formal education at UC Berkeley and further explore his passion for cooking. Having worked at some of the finest restaurant and catering kitchens in the Bay Area including Eccolo, Adagia, Gary Danko, Chez Panisse, and BIX, Tommy made the decision in 2009 to leave fine dining restaurants and embark on his own projects. 415 Catering was born as a more casual brand with the singular goal of providing the absolute best food created solely for the office. With 415 Catering, he has cultivated an amazing team of chefs and established a farm-direct program and utilizing a wide range of techniques usually found only in top restaurants. Now, only one year later, 415 provides daily food service for some of SF’s top firms with a constantly rotating series of menus and in office pop-ups.


CDC: Courtney Ingram

As Chef de cuisine of 415 Catering, Courtney is the driving force and taste buds behind every meal. A Northern Californian native, Courtney graduated in 2002 from the California Culinary of Arts and quickly embarked on a career in fine dining. She proved herself in the kitchens at restaurants such as Scalas, Plumpjack, and Bix, and brings her eye for purchasing and managing from Boccalone, Epic, and Local Mission Market. Courtney joined the 415 team in 2013 and brings her passion for high quality, farm driven, seasonal menus and a tireless work ethic that ensures everything that goes out of the kitchen is perfect.

Our Kitchen

415 Catering has a brand new 4500 sq.ft., state of the art kitchen in the heart of Dogpatch in SF. Chef Halvorson designed the kitchen with the intention that it should not only be incredibly functional, but also a beautiful environment to work in. The driving idea behind the design was that our kitchen is like our home, we spend a vast majority of our time here, so it should be a place where we want to be. What resulted is a beautiful industrial space with tons of glass and steel that is flooded with natural light, an amazing surround sound system and bay views. We are super proud.


Our Clients